From the moment Virgin River first debuted back in December 2019, suckers have been charmed by the romantic drama inspired by Robyn Carr’s cherished novels

While the show might not be a critical darling fighting for television’s top awards, Virgin River has managed to win over cult with its graphic background, sweet characters, and gladdening stories

Fast forward to moment and Virgin River has come one of TV’s most cherished shows

Virgin River is a Netflix Original drama, meaning you ’ll need a Netflix account to watch the new season of the series

The good news is that through your subscription to Netflix, you can enjoy all four seasons of the show whenever you like

While some pennants choose to release occurrences weekly, Netflix continues to release the entire season of its shows at launch

As similar, Virgin River suckers are suitable to watch all 12 occurrences of season 4 now

It’s what has helped millions of observers fall in love with the series which begins when a nanny guru leaves Los Angeles and moves to the quaint Northern California city of Virgin River