The fight would move forward, with both Cosce and Blood Diamond who had doubly ahead been lined up for a fight — looking for their first UFC palm

Both fighters took the center of the octagon after a touch of gloves

A low kick from Blood Diamond opened the fight, followed by a high kick from Cosce

Blood Diamond landed a frontal kick and blocked a hook from Cosce. Cosce shot for a takedown, but Diamond stuffed it

Cosce put Diamond against the hedge. About two twinkles in, Diamond reversed Cosce

Cosce landed a trip takedown, but Diamond got back over

Cosce landed another takedown, but this time Cosce kept him down in side control

The world is formerly again steady on its axis, graveness has recaptured its pull, and oxygen has returned to the atmosphere. All is normal in the world

The preliminarily declawed scapegoat of women's MMA is back to being The Greatest of Right Now

The new look was Nunes fighting nearly simply as a southpaw, and it successfully made Peña reluctant with her advances