Though she’s soaring in Hollywood, Norma Jean just does n’t see herself in the persona of Marilyn Monroe

Obviously, a silky rendition of “ Diamonds Are a Girl’s Stylish Friend ” chorales over the whole caravan, a perfect mix of creepy and beautiful

Bobby Cannavale( who stars as “ TheEx-Athlete ”) opens the exercise in a scene at a regale with Marilyn, posing a simple question “ How did you get your launch?

Marilyn says she noway got her launch. Fame came busting down her door, and it has n’t stopped stalking her ago

I guess I was discovered, ” she says through gashes. “ I know you ’re supposed to get used to it

But I just ca n’t. I ’ve played Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe

I ca n’t face doing another scene as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn does n’t live

In May, a portrayal of a woman vended at transaction in New York for$ 195m(£ 157m) a record for an artwork by an American artist and by any artist in the 20th century

That month, also in New York

The gown is said to be “ the most precious dress in the world ”; its proprietor paid nearly$ 5m for it. To insure its safety

The woman in the portrayal, the woman who formerly wore the dress – to sing Happy Birthday to President John F Kennedy at Madison Square Garden – was, of course, Marilyn Monroe