The jury hearing the case will determine how important in damages Jones will have to pay the parents

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, who won a dereliction judgement against him before this time

An attorney representing Heslin and Lewis asked the jury last week to award Heslin and Lewis$ 150 million

Fighting back gashes at times, Heslin told the jury that Jones, through his conspiratorial media association Infowars

There is got to be a strong interference that shall help him from hawking this propaganda

Heslin said, adding that through his evidence he wanted" to restore my credibility, my character, and Jesse's heritage that he so much deserves

" I have been then for a week and a half and( during) my final evidenceMr

Heslin also said on the stage that the taradiddle pushed by Jones" resonates around the world" and that he has realized" how dangerous" it is

Heslin described being constantly brazened by those who believed Jones over the last ten times, saying similar relations do" right over to this day

" My life has been hovered ," Heslin said." I sweat for my life. I sweat for my safety and my family' safety and their life