Determining the star standing for a given match is a largely private process

In general the thing is to wrap up all the important rudiments of a match into one simple number

Some factors to consider may include the story and booking of the match

the workrate of the players, ring psychology, length of the match, followership response, and so forth

There's no similar thing as a wrong answer, because every wrestling addict consumes this art form in a different way.

The purpose of Cageside Community Star Conditions is for the compendiums to assign star conditions to every single match on a given WWE pay- per- view event

These results will be tabulated and epitomized after every match on the pay- per- view has been suggested on by the community

The coming match up for debate from SummerSlam is Roman Reignsvs. Brock Lesnar

Please elect a star standing in the bean below and bandy your studies on this match in the commentary section

Unfortunately for proposition, he took turns taking beatings from both Reigns and Lesnar, both in the ring and on the microphone

This once Monday on Raw, Reigns made a reference to Vince McMahon’s withdrawal by telling proposition “ your daddy’s not then any more.

This all erected up to Theory failing to indeed cash in despite weeks of pledges that he would