Pétanque is one of a group of boules sports which are popular in numerous European countries, as well as former French African and Asian colonies

Their origins lie with the Ancient Greeks, who played their own games tossing flat monuments and, latterly, gravestone balls

The Romans also added a target ball, establishing the introductory rules which endure to this day, before bringing the game to France

In its ultramodern form, pétanque has was since 1907, when it began in Provence, France

Before this, a interpretation of boules known as jeu provencal was popular after rising to elevation in the late 19th century

which involved players either rolling their boules or running three way and also throwing them

A café proprietor called Ernest Pitiot tweaked the rules of the game to remove the running element in order to make it accessible for his friend Jules Lenoir

who was affected by severe rheumatism

You might be familiar with bocce, field bowling, or indeed entwining

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