The social media star had been set to renew his professional boxing career on August 6

UFC president Dana White has suggested Jake Paul cancelled his fight with Hasim Rahman Jr because he failed to vend enough tickets

Paul blazoned last night that he was deferring the fight card he'd planned for Madison Square Garden coming weekend. His fight with Rahman Jr

himself a relief for Tommy Fury, fell by the wayside, as did Amanda Serrano's return following her defeat by Katie Taylor in March

Paul indicted Rahman Jr of losing just one pound in weight since subscribing the contract before this month and also demanding the bout be held at 215 lb

The YouTube star, who typically fights at 190 lb, felt he'd no option to defer

But White, who has has a running verbal battle with the social media star, suggested poor ticket deals at a notoriously precious venue may have contributed to the decision

I suppose they vended under$ 1million in tickets and it costs$,000 to turn the f *** ing lights on at MSG," he said

That’s what I suppose. Not to mention hostel apartments in New York and transportation is veritably precious

Paul, 25, had been due to face Fury coming weekend but the family of heavyweight legend Tyson was banned from flying to New York for a press conference