Willing to do anything it takes to earn the coveted rec, Honor comes up with a plan to take down her top three pupil challengers

one of which happens to be castaway, Michael( Foreigner effects ‘ Gaten Matarazzo). The only problem? She begins to fall for the competition

So numerous contemporary teen pictures are full of Insta-ready bedroom set- ups prints threaded up with tasteful Christmas lights

neatly arranged bills of precisely named musicians, perhaps an precious chalkboard wall out of a VSCO Girl roster

Honor Rose( Angourie Rice), punny heroine of Honor Society, has one of those bedrooms, but at least she admits that it’s substantially bullshit

In one of her numerous direct- to- camera addresses, she forsakes her bills of Billie Eilish and Beyoncé

This isn't indeedcross-promotion; Honor Society premieres on Paramount rather than Hulu

still, it would be wallpapered in movie bills for the mound of high academy classics the movie knocks off, If Honor’s bedroom was more honest

Honor is a grim overachiever( like in Election) from a kindly working- class background( like in Rushmore

The direct- address stuff, of course, is evocative of everything from Ferris Bueller to Easy A to Fleabag( OK, they ’re not each high academy pictures)