still, Green would make$ 167 million over the coming five seasons, If extended

The contract would also expire when the Michigan State product is 37 times old

Last season, the soldiers paid a league record,$ 346 million in luxury levies and players penalties but by paying Green

Green still has two times left on his current contract, but would technically be suitable to conclude out before coming season and talk

It should be noted that while Green is an important contributor to the soldiers

He is an important piece, but a maximum deal? Nope, sorry not worth the plutocrat

All of which is to say If the soldiers are intending to give him a maximum contract, I would like$ 10 million as well

This is nowhere near a maximum deal, and in fact it would put me as one of the smallest- paid players on the platoon

That path would allow the soldiers to pay him over$ 164 million for the coming five seasons. This, according to Slater and Thompson, is what Green wants