meaning this new replication will be picking up from Daredevil Season 3

The series started its life at Netflix, lasting three critically- acclaimed seasons before getting a casualty of the banderole 's change in focus

The rumors were indeed true. Charlie Cox is set to return to the small screen as Daredevil, it was blazoned at 2022’s San Diego ridiculous- Con

What can you anticipate and when can you see it? Read on to find out everything we know about Daredevil Born Again

Absolutely nothing has been revealed about Daredevil Born Again’s plot

But the title may give away some hints

Yes, “ Born Again ” could simply be a reference to the fact that a cancelled show has been brought back from the dead

But it also happens to partake the name of a plot from issues# 227- 231

As Den of Geek( opens in new tab) explains, Born Again is one of the comic’s darkest plotlines and, if replicated

would be heavier than anything yet committed to screen from the MCU

The comic’s plot bow enterprises Karen Page revealing Daredevil’s secret identity to Kingpin for medicine plutocrat

headman uses this information to break apart Matt Murdock’s life, leaving him broke, homeless and losing the will to live

After helping Karen protest the habit, Daredevil eventually brigades up with Captain America to take on the supersoldier Nuke

As the point notes, some of the plot rudiments of the story bow have formerly been used by Netflix,