Upon the news being blazoned, Jayde said

Since I watched the first series in 2004

I feel like every step I ’ve taken in my career over the last 11 times was to be on rigorously

I can not begin to express the feelings I'm feeling, this means so important to me and my family

I ’ve always watched it, piecemeal from a brief hiatus in 2011 as I was relentlessly gigging every weekend

She described herself as ‘ a massive addict ’ of the long- running series

I ’m watching myself in a dream and I ca n’t believe I ’ve manifested this. Holding this in has been torture for me

She also appeared in Sophie Willan’s award- winning series, Alma’s Not Normal

Stephen Merchant’s The Outlaws and Good foreshadowings

After the news eventually came out, Jayde twittered ‘ Holding this in at Edinburgh Fringe has been hell