The ruling Communist Party's military sect, the People's Liberation Army, was conducting" live- fire exercises

Pelosi, who would be the loftiest- ranking American tagged functionary to visit Taiwan since 1997, has yet to confirm whether she'll go

President Xi Jinping advised hisU.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, in a phone call Thursday against" external hindrance" in Beijing's dealings with the islet

BEIJING, July 30( Reuters)-Prominent Chinese judge Hu Xijin said on Saturday he deleted a tweet warning of military retribution shouldU.S

fighter spurts companion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on any visit to Taiwan, after Twitter blocked his account

Pelosi, number three in theU.S. line of presidential race, after Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, gestured on Friday she was embarking on a trip to Asia

She didn't mention Taiwan, but enterprise of her visiting the democratically ruled islet

claimed by Beijing, has boosted in recent days, fuelling pressures beyond the Taiwan Strait

China says Taiwan has no right to conduct foreign relations

It sees visits by American officers as stimulant for the islet to make its decades-old de facto independence functionary

The( People's Liberation Army) has the right to forcefully disband Pelosi's aeroplane and the US fighter spurts, including firing warning shots and making politic movement of inhibition