The Hastings couple, both natives of Nebraska, opened a press conference four days latterly, at the services of the Nebraska Lottery

by telling how they watched on TV as the figures 1, 2, 8, 21, 31 and the Powerball number of 18 were drawn the night of July 30

Fleharty had reprimanded his woman before in the day for picking the figures 1 and 2 on each of the five$ 1 tickets they bought

They said it was the first time they had entered the Powerball lottery, which began in Nebraska just nine days before, on July 21

nothing picks 1 and 2," Fleharty said he would told his woman ." She told me,' This is my ticket. I will do it still I want

In the days leading up to the press conference, the Flehartys had their telephone number changed and couldn't be reached for comment

" I demanded to get my studies in order," Lyle said. The experience has been" nearly incomprehensible," he said

After the palm, Dianne Fleharty suggested they buy siding for the house, and the family joked about other requirements — a garage

Steven Seline, the Flehartys recently hired duty and estate counsel, said he was communicated by the Flehartys at the Omaha services of the Kutak Rock law establishment

Not only are the Flehartys lucky," Seline said," but the lottery is lucky to have them win it

The first of 20 periodic payments to the Flehartys —$ after levies — were to begin two weeks after claiming the prize, acting Lottery Director Jim Quinn said