principally, businesses have been scrabbling to replenish stashes that got drawn waaaaaay down during the worst of the epidemic

when all of us were stuck at home thinking about ways to improve up the house or expand the theater

But now stores find themselves overstocked we are all shopping a bit less now that epidemic aid has dried up and we are shelling out whole hires on food and gas

The frugality is decelerating, which is precisely what the Fed wants to be so that prices can get back to normal

This is the alternate successive quarter where the frugality has contracted. In the first quarter, GDP, or gross domestic product, dropped at an periodic rate of1.6.

While two successive diggings of negative growth is frequently considered a recession, it's not an sanctioned description

A nonprofit,non-partisan association called the National Bureau of Economic Research determines when theU.S. frugality is in a recession

An NBER commission made up of eight economists makes that determination and numerous factors go into that computation

President Biden cited record job growth and foreign business investment as signs of strength in the frugality