An Egyptian surgeon with a$ 25m price on his head, al- Zawahiri helped coordinate the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US that killed some,000 people

United States - In his televised address on Monday publicizing the payoff of al- Zawahiri

Now justice has been delivered, and this terrorist leader is no more

No matter how long it takes, no matter where you hide

, if you're a trouble to our people, the United States will find you and take you out

In a post on Twitter, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said al- Zawahiri’s death made the world a safer place

The death of Ayman al- Zawahiri is a step toward a safer world

Canada will keep working with our global mates to fight terrorist pitfalls, promote peace and security

Speaking in Parliament, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese listed the colorful attacks al- Zawahiri was criticized for

before transferring his studies and prayers to the families of the victims

Our studies moment are with the loved bones of all of his victims