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Voter Halnagad

Voter Halnagad 2022 www.ecs.gov.bd voter list

Voter Halnagad 2022, Voter list online, Voter List PDF Bangladesh, Voter list online, Voter list PDF download Bangladesh, Free Download Voter list, New voter registration Bangladesh 2022, New Voter application form Bangladesh, Online Voter application form. has started in every district and Upazila of Bangladesh. You can read our full post to get Halnagad voter list news. You will find all the information related to voter Halnagads.


People who want to be new voters have been waiting for days. The Election Commission has officially announced the process of Halnagad the new voter list. This process will continue from registration till NID is obtained. So you need to complete the process of Halnagad new voters with all your true information. Those of you who don’t know about this so don’t worry. Because if you read this article in its entirety, I hope you will find out about the new voter Halnagads.


Voter Halnagad 2022


The new voter Halnagad list has started in 139 Upazilas of 64 districts. According to the notification, voter Halnagad activities will continue for about three weeks. So new voters will get a chance. So if you are eligible or have become a Bangladeshi citizen then you can register for Voter Halnagad. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will not get a NID card if you do not register for voter Halnagad.



In this post, we will let you know when the voter Halnagad activities will start. So those of you who want to know when the voter Halnagad campaign will start read this article carefully.

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1. Voter Halnagad activities will start on 20 May 2022.
2. Voter Halnagad activity will end on June 9, 2022.
3. The second phase Halnagad will start on 10 June 2022.
4. The second phase of voter Halnagad activities will end on 20 November 2022.
5. Voters can register at the age of 18.


When will Voter Halnagad 2022 start?


New voter Halnagad activities have started in Bangladesh. According to the notification of the Bangladesh Election Commission, the process of Halnagad new voters started on 20-5-2022. So those of you who want to be a new voter can go to the Election Commission Office, Municipality, or Union Parishad to know about the activities of Voter Halnagad.


The process of Halnagad new voters across the country has to be completed within three weeks. It is already suspended due to the non-availability of Sylhet Kanaighat Upazila. Moreover, the process of Halnagad new voters is underway in all districts and Upazilas of Bangladesh.


Requirements for voter Halnagad


If you want to be a new voter or are ready to be a voter, read this whole article. Because we will now discuss below all the documents you need to become a new voter.

1. First of all you need a voter registration form.
2. An online birth registration certificate is required with that form.
3. JSC-JDC and SSC certificates are required.
4. You will need a photocopy of your parents’ NID card. If you are a woman, you will need a photocopy of your husband’s NID card.
5. Citizen testimonials will be required from all or from the Union Parishad.
. If you rent, you will need a copy of your bill or a house rent payment receipt.

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You need to register with all the information. That’s why you have to write the name in the new voter list with all the information. So those of you who are busy becoming new voters can go to their respective Upazila Election Offices to become voters.

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