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Birth Certificate Registration Online

জন্ম নিবন্ধন সনদ নিবন্ধন করুন Birth Certificate Registration Online Application Form http://bris.lgd.gov.bd

Birth Certificate Registration Online Application Form. After the birth of a child, according to the rules of Bangladesh, birth certificate has to be made. Birth registration is an important issue for a large number of children in Bangladesh. In many cases, many people in Bangladesh have not been able to register their children and themselves properly. Listing children on the record book after a child has been born is called birth registration. জন্ম নিবন্ধন সনদ নিবন্ধন করুন Birth Certificate Registration Online Application Form http://bris.lgd.gov.bd.


After the birth of a child, it is the duty of the parents to go to their respective unions or municipalities and register the birth of the child. It is the duty of a citizen to know how to apply for birth registration. So today we will discuss the issues related to the birth of all those readers. Detailed discussion is shown.


Do you know what birth certificate registration is?


If you don’t know about birth registration then this post is for you. Because in this post we will discuss your birth registration issues. After the birth of a child, officially the date of birth of the child, gender, local address, everything has to be written in the record book. If you are in the municipality then you must go to the municipality and apply for birth registration. Or if you belong to the Union Parishad then you have to go to the Union Parishad and apply for birth registration.

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Birth certificate online registration


Birth certificate is very important for Bangladesh and for a child. It is mandatory for all children and citizens of Bangladesh to have a birth certificate. That is why the government of Bangladesh has made all kinds of rules and regulations to make birth certificate for every citizen. It is very important for you to know how to register your birth certificate online. Your child will need your birth registration when you send your child to school or enroll. That is why it is the sole duty of every citizen starting from every child to verify the birth registration and make birth registration.



How to get birth certificate online?


Compared to last year, birth registration has to be applied digitally this year. So all citizens will get birth registration digitally. In order to go digital, every citizen has to fill and submit an online form. You need to scan the required documents and submit them to the official website as usual. When you complete the form online, when you have completed the form, you have to go to the municipality or union council and submit the form as usual.



Birth registration online application


Earlier birth registration was done but now all citizens have to be digitally created. So all citizens need to digitally re-create birth registration. You need to apply online to create a birth registration. You can apply those applications at home or at any Internet user’s computer store.


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Today we will discuss with you how to apply for birth registration. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh then you must read this post. Because this post is important to you. By looking at this post you will be able to know all the rules of application through online.



Click here to apply



To register online you need to click on this official link http://bris.lgd.gov.bd/pub/?pg=application_form. The following link will help you to know which area you are from and which ward you belong to. We have a PDF below http://br.lgd.gov.bd/files/Dhaka%20city%20zonal%20office.pdf. I have uploaded the file. You can show this file and apply online at home.



See the documents required for birth registration



1. Photocopy of National Identity Card.
2. Photocopy of Bangladeshi passport of the applicant (if any)
3. Passport size photograph of the applicant with white background.


All of these essentials will be needed when you apply. So I think those of you who are Bangladeshi citizens will have all these documents. And if you want to choose online, you have to follow these rules. So those of you who have not registered your birth yet, register your birth soon.

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